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How much fuel do I need to order?

The legal minimum quantity we can order for you from each of our suppliers is 500 litres. This is set by Trading Standards. You can order any quantity you like over 500 litres.

It is important before placing your order that you have an idea of how much oil your tank will take. This is to avoid over-deliveries or excess oil being returned to the oil supplier at the end of the day.

If you have a sight gauge or a Watchman indicator, this should give you a fairly accurate idea of how much oil is in your tank. However, these methods do fail sometimes. The most reliable way to check your tank level is to open the cap on the top of the tank and do a visual inspection of how much oil is in the tank. You can also dip a garden cane or stick into the tank to check the level.

Domestic oil tanks tend to be between 1,200L and 2,500L in capacity. There may be a make/model on the tank somewhere which can give you an indication of the capacity if you are unsure.