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It is completely free to join our buying group and the more the merrier! Simply register on our website or call us on 01788 824236 and we can register you. 

Our suppliers can deliver to anywhere in the UK.

You can place an order online by creating and logging into your account or give us a call on 01788 824236.

Oil prices change every day and will vary depending on individual requirements and which supplier we use. If you would like to know today’s price before you order, please give us a call on 01788 824236 or send an email to [email protected]. We will respond to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Please note that we are unable to honour prices the following day, therefore orders processed after 5pm will be at the following day’s updated prices.

Oil is priced per litre excluding VAT.

Domestic users (up to 2,300 litres) are charged 5% VAT on heating oil 

Domestic users (over 2,300 litres) will pay 20% VAT, unless you can fill out a VAT declaration form to prove your fuel is for domestic use only (please ask us about this if you need it). In this case you will be charged 5% VAT

Commercial users will usually pay 20% VAT regardless of quantity ordered.

The legal minimum quantity we can order for you from each of our suppliers is 500 litres. This is set by Trading Standards. You can order any quantity you like over 500 litres.

It is important before placing your order that you have an idea of how much oil your tank will take. This is to avoid over-deliveries or excess oil being returned to the oil supplier at the end of the day.

If you have a sight gauge or a Watchman indicator, this should give you a fairly accurate idea of how much oil is in your tank. However, these methods do fail sometimes. The most reliable way to check your tank level is to open the cap on the top of the tank and do a visual inspection of how much oil is in the tank. You can also dip a garden cane or stick into the tank to check the level.

Domestic oil tanks tend to be between 1,200L and 2,500L in capacity. There may be a make/model on the tank somewhere which can give you an indication of the capacity if you are unsure.

If you are new to heating oil, this can be confusing. Most domestic properties use Kerosene (also known as 28 Second, Kero, Burning Oil or Heating Oil). One way to tell is by looking at the sight gauge on the side of the tank.  Kerosene is yellow in colour, whereas Gas Oil (also known as Red Diesel or 35 Second) is a bright pinky/red colour. 

We can order Kerosene (Heating Oil), Gas Oil (Red Diesel) and DERV (White Diesel).

Yes, please let us know if you require a smaller tanker delivery. Please note that there are less of these trucks around and so delivery times can be slightly longer.

Standard hoses are 30m, but longer hoses are available. If you require a longer hose, please request this when your order.

It is generally best to avoid extremely busy periods (for example in the lead up to Christmas or spells of snow or particularly cold weather). During these times both prices and delivery windows tend to increase.