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No, not always. Providing access is available for the driver, they can deliver your fuel whether you are there or not. 

Please note that the driver will need access to your oil tank to inspect it before they are able to deliver any fuel for health and safety reasons.

We work hard with our suppliers to ensure that any delivery requests are met, however, we cannot guarantee your oil delivery on a specific day as we fit in with the supplier’s delivery schedules.

Delivery times vary depending on the time of year and how high demand is. Generally, deliveries take around 3-5 working days. In the winter months, or particularly busy periods, it is best to allow 10 working days.

If you have run out of oil or need an urgent delivery, please let us know and we will work with our suppliers to get a delivery to you as soon as possible.

We hope that everything will be smooth sailing with your delivery, however if you have any issues at all, please get in touch and we can get this sorted out for you as soon as possible.

We will give you an indication of the current delivery schedule when you place your order. If you can provide a mobile number or email address our suppliers will send you an automatic ‘day before’ text to let you know when the oil is on its way. Please ensure that access to the tank is made available when you receive this notification. 

Our suppliers do everything they can to deliver on your scheduled delivery date, however sometimes unforeseen circumstances (such as road closures or truck breakdowns) can delay delivery. If your fuel does not arrive on the expected day, your delivery will be rescheduled for the next time the supplier is in your area.

This may be because your tank is full and cannot take the full quantity ordered. It may also be because the driver has run out of fuel on the truck on the day your delivery was made, or that the driver has delivered less for safety reasons (for example your oil gauge is broken).  You will only be charged for the number of litres you have had delivered. If you have any questions on this please get in touch.

If you are ordering for the first time through YOBCo, you will need to pay by either credit or debit card upon placing your order. Please note that unfortunately our suppliers are unable to accept American Express.

If you are part of our monthly savings scheme and have a standing order with us, we will use the money in your account to purchase your oil. If you would like to join our monthly savings scheme, please click here for more information.

Some members will pay by invoice after delivery. The invoice is sent directly from the supplier to you via email or post. If you have any queries on your invoice, please give us a call on 01788 824236 or contact the supplier directly.

Yes, you can cancel your order so long as your delivery has not already been made. We ask that you give 24 hours notice before expected delivery. If you need to cancel your order on the day of delivery, we will do our best to get a message to the supplier as soon as possible, however we cannot guarantee it will be cancelled in time. If you do need to cancel, please give us as much notice as possible.

YOBCo and our suppliers reserve the right to cancel any order at any time without prior notice. In this case a full refund will be provided; unless there are issues relating to outstanding debts on the account.

Once an order has been delivered to a member it is not possible for the order to be cancelled or for the oil to be returned and no refund is available.