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We've made it as easy as possible to order your heating oil at a great price. We place bulk orders on a daily basis on behalf of our members and use our collective buying power to secure the best possible prices.

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Membership is completely FREE and we don't charge any administration fees

Anyone in the UK is welcome to join our buying group.

We group our orders to get maximum savings for our members

We use our collective buying power to get the best possible prices from our suppliers.

We offer a variety of payment options to suit your needs

We understand that different payment methods suit different people. Ask us about our Monthly Savings Scheme!

We are a family-run business and we love to help

We believe in customer service and the importance of being able to speak to a person rather than a robot!

Fuel Types

We can source fuel for domestic, commercial and agricultural use.


Home Heating Oil

If you are ordering oil to heat your home, the likelihood is that you are using Kerosene (Home Heating Oil).


Red Diesel

Red diesel is a rebated fuel and is used across a range of industries and sectors to fuel off-road vehicles, machinery and even in heating applications.


White Diesel

White diesel is also referred to as the ‘taxed’ diesel and is the standard fuel which can be found in vehicles.


Monthly Savings Scheme

Our Monthly Savings Scheme is a great way to spread the cost of your heating oil payments and avoid large one-off bills.

Hundreds of our members are choosing this payment method and find it works really well.

You can save as much or as little as you like every month and use the accumulated funds to pay for your oil deliveries.

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11th June 2024

Welcome to the new YOBCo Website

We are pleased to welcome you to the brand-new YOBCo website!

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10th June 2024

Top Tips To Help You Avoid Running Out Of Heating Oil

Life is busy and there seems to be an ever-growing list of jobs to do! One of those important jobs is remembering to check and re-order your heating oil. Run outs do happen, but they can be costly and very inconvenient.

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10th June 2024

What Is OPEC And Why Does It Affect Heating Oil Prices?

You may have heard of OPEC affecting heating oil prices, but who they and why do they have so much influence?

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10th June 2024

How To Maintain Your Oil Tank: A Guide

It’s important to maintain your heating oil tank to ensure it’s safe and efficient. Here are our top tips on how to keep on top of your oil tank maintenance

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