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We do our best to save our members money on their oil and provide them with an excellent service. On the whole we feel we do a pretty good job; however sometimes problems do occur. We're only human! In these cases we like to think that things can be resolved with a liberal application of common sense and calm discussion, but unfortunately experience has taught us that it's better to have some things written down in black & white. Consequently, this page outlines our terms & conditions.

Note: In the following terms & conditions the term 'oil' is used to refer to kerosene, gas oil, DERV or any other fuel provided by YOBCo.


  • A member of YOBCo is defined as anyone who has registered their details with YOBCo, placed an order with YOBCo or requested a service from YOBCo.
  • Membership of YOBCo is entirely free and requires no joining fee or ongoing payment of any type.
  • It is a member's responsibility to ensure that the details they provide us with are correct and YOBCo accepts no responsibility for anything resulting from incorrect details being supplied. This also applies when placing orders or requesting services.
  • By requesting a service from YOBCo, you are authorising us to act as agents & representatives on your behalf in all matters regarding those services and to pass on any and all payment & delivery details to the appropriate third parties.
  • YOBCo reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership of any member at any time without prior notice.


  • Members and visitors are under no obligation to accept any quote provided by YOBCo.
  • Due to the fluctuating nature of heating oil prices, quotes are only valid at the time at which they are requested.
  • The price in pence per litre that is quoted at the time an order is placed is the price that the oil will be supplied at, plus any applicable VAT. This is regardless of any changes in prices in the period from when the order is made to when it is delivered.
  • If the price of an order is dependent on a minimum quantity being supplied, i.e. to take advantage of bulk order price breaks, then receipt of less than this minimum quantity may leave a member liable to pay for their oil at a higher rate.
  • The minimum legal amount for a delivery is 500 litres, as set by the weights and measures authority. As such it is the responsibility of the person requesting an order to ensure that there is adequate space in their tank to meet this constraint. Neither YOBCo or any of its suppliers will be held responsible if an order cannot be delivered because this minimum quantity cannot be supplied. In such circumstances the order will become void and a refund will be provided, however a small fee may be levied by the supplier for an aborted delivery.
  • Once an order has been passed on to the supplier, the member agrees to abide by the terms & conditions of the supplier in addition to those of YOBCo. Details of which are available upon request.
  • Once an order has been passed to the supplier it becomes the supplier's responsibility for delivery, including all aspects of quality and safety.
  • Any expected delivery dates are only to be treated as advisory dates and do not constitute a guarantee of delivery at a certain date or time.

Payment terms

  • Except for those members taking advantage of YOBCo's Easy Payment Scheme, all financial transactions will take place between members and suppliers.
  • For those members taking advantage of YOBCo's Easy Payment Scheme, YOBCo will act as an intermediary in providing payment to the supplier; however the responsibility to ensure adequate funds are available and overall financial accountability remains with the member.
  • Delivered oil remains the property of the supplier until paid for in full.
  • The amount a member will be invoiced is subject to change based on differences between the amount of oil ordered and the amount delivered.
  • Depending on the practices of the suppliers involved, payment may take the form of a single charge based on a completed delivery or an initial payment based on the amount ordered and a subsequent charge or refund to adjust this according to the amount of oil delivered.
  • Non-payment for services or products may result in products being reclaimed, cancellation of membership and/or legal action being taken against the parties involved.

Order cancellation

  • An order may be cancelled by a member up to one full working day before the expected delivery date and in this case the member will receive a full refund, assuming the oil has not already been delivered. After this time we cannot guarantee the cancellation of an order or a full refund.
  • If a supplier takes reasonable steps to deliver an order, but is unable to for reasons outside of their control then the order may be cancelled. A refund will be provided, however a small fee may be levied if it is deemed to be the members fault that the oil cannot be delivered.
  • YOBCo reserve the right to cancel any order at any time without prior notice. In this case a full refund will be provided; unless there are issues relating to outstanding debts on the account.
  • Once an order has been delivered to a member it is not possible for the oil to be returned and no refund is available.

Limitation of liability

  • YOBCo accepts no liability for any injury, loss, damage or any other consequence arising from using this website or receiving services and/or products from YOBCo, its suppliers, contractors or other related parties. This includes consequences resulting from delays or cancellations.

Subsequent policy changes

  • These terms & conditions are subject to change at any time, however members will be suitably notified of any changes and the new terms & conditions will only be applicable to subsequent interactions with YOBCo. Continued use of this website will signify acceptance of any new terms & conditions.

Legal jurisdiction

  • These terms & conditions and any legal issues pertaining to YOBCo, its suppliers, contractors or other related parties shall fall under the jurisdiction of English law and any disputes will be settled within the English courts.

Acceptance of terms

  • Use of this website and/or receipt of any services or products from, or organised by, YOBCo will be treated as an acceptance of these terms & conditions.
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